Spring Meeting
April 6, 2002

The meeting was called to order at 2pm by Joe Y. Brindley, BIHF Vice President. It was held at the Cullman, Alabama Civic Center.

ATTENDEES: Joe Y.& Fran Brindley, Helen J. Brindley, Harold Brindley, James Brindley, Dorothy Lytle, Jeff Lytle, Meighan Lytle, Tom Watson, Karen Watson, Brindley Watson and Taft Watson.

Harry Grimes said a prayer to open the meeting.

Dr. Sylvia Morris gave a very inspiring talk on the history of Cullman and how the Brindleys fit into it.

The minutes of the November 17, 2001 meeting were read and approved.

Harold Brindley reported a current balance of $849.19 as of April 6, 2002.


Joe Brindley said a few words on the "spelling controversy". He showed two full page ads from the Arab Tribune newspaper for an Arab funeral home that stated "serving the people of Brindlee Mountain". Joe said that he called and talked to one of the owners and stressed the point that they were mispelling the official name of the mountain, and the many relatives of Mace Brindley who lived in the Arab area did not appreciate that. Joe suggested that, if they needed verification of the correct spelling of the mountain, that they talk to David Moore, the editor of the Arab Tribune and/or the Arab Historical Society, both who know and support the correct spelling of Brindley Mountain. The person at the funeral home was courteous but made no comment or promise about correcting their misspelling.

Joe said he had tried to get the cemetery historical marker off the post and had a little trouble, but would get someone to help him get it off so he can take it and get it refinished as approved at the November 2001 meeting.


Joe said he had talked to Nancy Brindley and read an e-mail from her that included the following:

She has received some information on the prisoner of war record of Gabriel Lafayette Brindley, Mace's olders son. She got the information from Dr. David Bush of Heidelberg College.

She is close to ready to publish the update of the book, "The Old Stage Coach Road". The good news is that she has found one or more publishing companies that do "electronic publishing", and she will only have to pay $100.00 up front, instead of what was expected to be $3000.00 or more, and with a guarantee of selling some number of books. The electronic publisher will have the book for sale, paperback only, on the internet at Amazon.com. When a person orders the book, they will print one and send it to the buyer for whatever their price is. Nancy wants everyone to go to the Brindley Mountain website and check the geneology information there, and OK what is there and give her any additional information as soon as possible so she can get the latest possible data included in the book. She stressed the point that, for privacy purposes, she would not publish any personal data other that the names of people who are still living

Joe reminded everyone that the next meeting date was approved at the last meeting as November 17, 2002. The location will be determined later and everyone will be notified.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:10 pm by Joe Brindley.


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