Fall 2003 Meeting

What: BIHF Fall 2003 Meeting

When: Sunday, November 9th from 2:00 until 5:00

Where: COL Cullman Home and Museum in Cullman, Alabama
211 2nd Avenue NW, Cullman Alabama 35055 Phone: (256) 739-1258

The meeting was called to order by President BJ Chalfant. The meeting was held at the Colonel Cullman Museum, Cullman, Alabama, Nov 9, 2003.

ATTENDEES: B. J. Chalfant and her mother, Harold Brindley, Joe & Fran Brindley, Hugh & Carole Brindley, James & Martha Brindley, Mary Howell and Kay Watson.

James Brindley opened the meeting with prayer.

Harold made and Hugh seconded a motion that carried, to name the following to liaison positions:

Wales - Peter Brindley
England - John Williams
Australia - Katherine Swann

After discussion about the missing Brindley Creek signs, Joe said he would check on them again.

BJ said that she talked to the Marshall County Supt of Education at the DAR school and was told that there may be a Brindley Mountain High School built in Marshall County soon. BJ stressed the point that if there is, the name should be spelled correctly.

BJ asked Kay Watson to send a note of appreciation to Fran Coggin, thanking her for getting the Brindley Information set up in the Centre, AL library.

The BIHF officers for the next two years (Spring 2003-Spring 2005) are:

President - Joe Y. Brindley
Vice President - Mary Elizabeth Brindley Howell
Secretary - Nancy Brindley
Corresponding Secretary - Kay Watson
Treasurer - Dr. Hugh Brindley
Historian - Helen Brindley
Chaplains - James Brindley and Harold Grimes
Parliamentarian - Harold Brindley
International Liaison - BJ Chalfant

Motion carried to send $30 to the man who takes care of a cemetery at a "Brindley Chapel - Brindley Hollow", at Buffalo Valley, TN - near I 40.

The next meeting will be a Saturday in April, 2004. Hugh will reserve a room at Medical Center East in Birmingham, and let us know when it is to be held.

James will make sure the Brindley grave site at Locust Fork, AL will be cleaned up in case we want to go visit it at the April 2004 meeting.


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