Brindley Mountain
Press Release

July 1999


Nancy L. Brindley
Recording Secretary
Brindley International Historical Foundation

The Brindley International Historical Foundation officially announces a campaign to promote the correct spelling of Brindley Mountain, the southernmost mountain of the Cumberland Plateau in North Alabama. The mountain was named in honor of Mace Thomas Payne Brindley, an Alabama statesman whose family were the earliest known settlers in the area. Born in Franklin County, Georgia, Mace came with his widowed mother, Mrs. Frazier (Phoebe) Brindley and his six sisters to the wilderness which would later become Marshall County, Alabama. They arrived in 1812, seven years before Alabama would become a state.

Living as true pioneers, this humble family, who could only provide Mace with his first pair of shoes at the age of 18, took root and remains a strong presence in the area to this day. Mace Brindley, in particular, proved to be a shining example of this pioneer spirit. A self-made man with limited educational opportunities, he went on to serve 12 years as the Blount County Clerk, 2 years as Alabama State Representative, 9 years as Alabama State Senator and served as director of the State National Bank located in Decatur at a time when only 5 banks existed in Alabama. He married Nancy S. Hanby, daughter of Gabriel Hanby, who was one of the original framers of the Alabama Constitution. After a long and distinguished life, Mace died of natural causes in 1871, the year before Col. John G. Cullman arrived in Alabama to settle what would become the largest city on Brindley Mountain.

The incorrect spelling resulted from people spelling the name of the mountain the way it was pronounced. The rich southern drawl characteristic to the region placed extra emphasis on the second syllable and as a result people began to spell Brindley with the double E ending. Matters were only confused more by the high profile misspellings of the Brindlee Mountain Telephone Company and Brindlee Mountain Parkway in Arab, Alabama.

On November 4, 1975 both houses of the Alabama State Legislature passed a joint resolution (H.J.R. 23) officially encouraging the proper spelling of Brindley Mountain Parkway and Brindley Mountain for all publications, signs and markers. Until this time nothing has been done to promote this resolution and as a result many people are not aware of the actual name of the area.

The Brindley International Historical Foundation was founded in Decatur, Alabama in 1992. The organization's primary interests are preserving historical documents and artifacts, placing markers at grave sites, and conducting genealogical research. Anyone wanting more information about attending a meeting or joining the Foundation can contact James Brindley at (205) 429-2185 or Nancy Brindley at (818) 972-2042.

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