Brindley Reunion at Nancy Manilia Brindley's Home in August 1907

Reading from left to right - First Row: Lois Livingston, Ouida Livingston, unknown, unknown, Curry Brindley with long hair, small child standing in front Margurite Livingston, Susie Brindley, Sallie Dunn, Emma Glasscock Mitchell, baby Claud Mitchelle, Girl Unknown, Glenn Mitchell, E.E. Brindley (Boys on Steps) Spurgen Brindley, Virgil Brindley - sons of W. Y. Brindley, Welma Brindley, Edward Brindley, Murphree Green, unknown, Baker Box, unknown, Dixie Green - Grand sons of Gabriel L. Brindley. Girls knelling: Julia Brindley, unknown, Sardis Box, Jeanette Green, Agnes Brindley, Emma Brindley, unknown, unknown. Older Girls seated directly behind knelling girls: Mattie Box, Naomi Brindley, Virginia Glasscock, unknown, Daisy Box, Lillie Box, unknown, boy Mayden Box.


Reading from left to right - Second Row: Asa Brindley, unknown, Ruth Brindley, (remaining second row with two elderly women seated right of second post) Nancy Manilia Brindley, Rebecca Brindley Glasscock, Gabriel Brindley, George Brindley, Peachy Ann Wilson Brindley, widow of Dr. Benjamin Brindley, Mary Wilson Brindley (sister) wife of Gabriel Brindley, Asa Glasscock, Winston Brindley, Martha E. Holmes Brindley, Mattie Brindley, woman unknown, man unknown, child directly in front of unknown man, Ellen Lovelady, Lydia Brindley Lovelady, child Florence Stidham, and John D. Lovelady.


Third Row: J. H. Green, boys Cicel and Teddy Green, Quitman Brindley Green, Katie Brindley, unknown, Nan Livingston, baby Jack Livingson, Dixie Brindley, (Quitman and Lydia daughters of Gabriel Brindley). Resuming third row, Arthur Glasscock, Josephine Rudder (first husband, Mace Brindley), Bethea Brindley, Minnie Dunn, Gregory Glasscock, Dr. Bethea P. Brindley, Dr. Theadius B. Brindley, Alpheus B. Brindley, Manby Brindley Box, Porter Brindley, Travis Livingston, Jim Brindley, Tom Glasscock, Tom Brindley, Talmadge Brindley, John Stidham, Emma Brindley Stidham, woman unknown.






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